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Entertainment is the best way to share culture and information.  

Here are the some of the yearly events we host:

AAX Fest (formerly KX Festival)

AAX Fest is a FREE two-day summer event presented by AAX Media and Y-Entertainment in partnership with Levitt LA at the historic Levitt Pavilion.  In 2015, AAX Fest originally launched as KX Festival (Korean eXhange) but has since evolved into AAX (Asian American eXchange) to include all other AAPI in its representation by AAX Media & Y-Entertainment.

Our goal is to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the AAPI culture through the universal languages that all can enjoy – music, dance and food!  The two-day music, food, and cultural community festival aims to showcase SoCal’s best food, food trucks, music, dancing and arts in the city’s most diverse neighborhood.   

American Song Champ, Season 1

American Song Champ was created to showcase the amazing talents of our local community’s “normal person.”
Created as an all-amateur singing and dancing contest for Southern California, we were pleasantly surprised to witness some incredible talents.

More seasons to come!

Miss Korea USA Pageant

We hosted our first Miss Korea USA Pageant in 2019, where the 1st place winner from our Miss Korea USA Pageant ended up taking 1st place for the Miss Korea Pageant 2019

Senior Benefit Concert

  • We host a Senior Benefit Concert every year to give back to the elderly for all they have done for the community that was built up by their generation

  • There are many Psychological, Health, Memory, and Stress Reduction Benefits in listening to music for the elderly