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AAX Media

AAX Media endeavors to be Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders’ own megaphone and should out:  Entertain – Equality – Educate – Embrace – Elevate – Encourage – Empower

Sometimes it takes a crazy Asian guy who grew up in Hawaii thinking that Asians were the majority in America and his incredible team to ask – why can’t there be a 24/7 media platform dedicated to representing the Asian Americans and the Pacific Islanders?

Why are Asian Americans doing more for America than any other race in the country but are facing discrimination, xenophobia, hate and not receiving the recognition they rightfully deserve as Americans?

Why are AAPIs not treated as “Americans” but some people who just came in to the country after American became great and was already “perfect?”

AAX Media is now here and we will do everything in our power to be the voice of the AAPIs in an unapologetic way.

It’s OUR Time
This IS America.

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